Cellular Agriculture

01:00pm CET (Paris)

With population numbers on the rise and natural resources in decline, industry is tasked with the challenge of boosting food production on less land and with fewer greenhouse emissions. Could cellular agriculture, food production by microbes, and cell-based systems, be a key piece of the future food puzzle? Finnish research centre VTT is investigating just that. In this presentation, researcher team leader Emilia Nordlund will look at how eggs can be produced without chickens, microbial food protein be generated from CO2, and how cellular agriculture can be integrated into plant-based food production.

Speaker: Emilia Nordlund / Christopher Landowski / Flora Southey

Plant-Based Revolution

01:45pm CET (Paris)

Natural, versatile and consistent on a plant basis

While the world population will rise to around 10 billion by 2050, global meat and milk production will also increase – with a significant impact on the environment and climate. This is not the only reason why more and more people are turning to plant-based nutrition.
Döhler offers the food and beverage industry an innovative portfolio of natural, plant-based and functional ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions. As health-promoting as they are tasty, they are the ideal basis for developing trendy products that meet the spirit of the times.

Speaker: René Krebs

Consumer led Innovation in Plant Based Foods

02:30pm CET (Paris)

The plant-based food market is hugely dynamic and changing rapidly as consumers needs and attitudes towards plant-based foods evolve. Whether you are looking to get started or looking to grow further, consumer needs must lead and drive your product development journey.

Speakers: Darren O’Sullivan / Fiona Sweeney / Caoimhe McQuaid

From taste to nutrition, Unlock the science behind the plant protein ingredients

03:15pm CET (Paris)

How to succeed in creating a nutritious plant protein that contributes sustainably to the renaissance of a whole new gastronomy?
Join our experts in marketing, scientific nutrition and sensory research to learn more about the pea protein case study – and beyond!

Speakers: Benjamin Voiry / Laetitia Guerin-Deremaux / Marie-Aude Altrichter / Silvia Schnicker

Creating delicious, healthy plant-based products

04:15pm CET (Paris)

Foods featuring plant-based proteins have seen recent growth that most categories can only wish for. Consumers around the world are clamouring for such products and for good reason – they have the potential to be sustainable, ethical, and healthy. Join Givaudan protein experts in a lively discussion focused on consumer drivers, successful protein product development, future collaborations and partnerships, and what the future holds in this dynamic space. You’ll leave with ideas of how to make great tasting, healthy protein products that consumers will love.

Speakers: Sara Diaz Navarro / Dr. Flavio Garofalo / Dr. George Krintiras

Plant-based foods: marketing insights of a booming market and ingredients to support innovation in the field.

05:00pm CET (Paris)

No doubt, plant proteins are here to stay. The plant-based categories are growing at an incredible fast pace, driven by consumers highly conscious of the impact of their diet on their health and environment. However, expectations are high and consumers are looking for more diversified and indulgent options. Taste remains a major key driver in the purchase decision.
Join Biospringer for an overview of the plant-based market dynamics, innovations and discover how fermentation-based ingredients are an infinite resource to create tasteful plant-based foods and beverages.

Speakers: Charlotte Bonnet / Francisco Andre

Plant-based protein has moved into the mainstream. How does it stay there?

05:45pm CET (Paris)

A panel of experts will join FoodNavigator to discuss the tests that plant-based proteins now face. Among them are the challenges manufacturers face to provide consumers with better products, with improved taste and texture, to see repeat buying from shoppers, and the need to keep innovating. What new plant-protein ingredients and additives are out there that may not be able to reach the market as quickly as we would like? Are the EU’s novel food rules preventing new products coming onto the market? Are rules around gene editing inhibiting the development of a sustainable alternative protein sector because new resilient or high-protein crops can’t be cultivated? The panel will also investigate issues of scaleabilty, labelling, processing techniques and clean label. Meanwhile, what kind of questions about plant-based protein’s health and sustainability credentials can manufacturers except to encounter? Join us to find out.

Speakers: Amirah Ashouri / Katia Merten-Lentz / Mark Driscoll / Dr Robert Harwood / Oliver Morrison